Everything has a beginning

Prior to beginning the story, let me first introduce myself.  My name is Ncommunicado, no it is not my “real” name, but I have adopted it across numerous social media sites.  You see, I am a gamer and have been for as long as I can remember.  When I first started gaming, there were not many games that offered the option of creating a name, although many allowed you to place your initials on the leaderboards at the end.  Nowadays, you create the name before you even begin the game.  I have changed names numerous times over the years, but Ncommunicado or some variation of Ncom has been my mainstay for several years now.  To answer what I believe to be your first question:  Why that name?  There is a story, though it is far from intriguing.  I chose the name because it is a play on the word incommunicado, which describes my gaming actions and real-life likeness.  While I can speak, I have always been rather quiet, preferring to listen and observe rather than join in or become the main event.  As such, Ncommunicado seemed like an ideal choice at the time, with the abbreviated version of it coming later as I chose different heroes or characters to play (as in World of Warcraft).

Now that you know my name, let us discuss blogging and why I have chosen to dive into the madness.  Honestly, I have always wanted to share my thoughts with others, but as described in the paragraph above, it simply is not something I often do.  I have no true direction or vision for this blog, or should I say I have no subject in particular that I will focus on.  The blog site is called MusingOfNcom for a reason and the reason is that I do not wish to simply focus on one or two topics, though I am sure I will have certain topics I discuss far more than others.  I can name a few topics right off hand:  gaming, sports, fitness, and adventuring.  For some, the idea of gaming being remotely related to sports, fitness or adventuring is baffling.  Fortunately, the belief that the only people who regularly play video games are overweight geeks who live out their days as hermits in their parent’s basement are far from the truth.  Sure, there are a few cases out there, but such cases are no longer the norm.  While this may be an extreme case, just take a look at Bajheera.

I seem to have strayed from my original topic, which may happen more often than not, so let me ease back into focus.  Why blog?  Sharing thoughts was one reason, next is to promote the Ncommunicado YouTube channel and to share my experiences with others as well.  In today’s digital world, we all have access to social media which means there is an abundance of individual’s to compete against for an audience yet it also provides an opportunity to reach so many people.  It is my hope that I am able to reach out through this blog, YouTube and other social media outlets and have an impact on someone’s life in a positive way.  I do not expect to save lives or greatly influence them, but if the words I type or the videos I create can in some way provide entertainment for a few minutes, then I will have accomplished my final reason for beginning this blog.

I am sure that as you read along, you will find grammatical errors in abundance.  I will strive to keep them to a minimum, but I can honestly say that I was never an English major, nor have I written in any form in the past.  I am a simple individual who strives to improve in some manner each day, be the best person I can be each and every day, and to try and enjoy this life I have been given.  I will surely make mistakes in my blogs, as I have made in life.  So, expect more from me in the future though this will surely never become a daily blog.  If you are reading this, you have my gratitude and my hopes that you will continue this new journey with me, both as a YouTuber and a blogger and until next time, see ya!!


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